my newest obsession: canadian house & home


Okay, seriously. Where the eff have I been that I have completely missed such a great shelter mag from my favorite country up North?!

Luckily, I discovered this gem of a magazine (and we all know shelter mags are slim pickings these days) over the weekend and managed to read the entire thing, cover to cover in one sitting.

Then I read it again.

I love the magazine's combination of beautiful spaces, new products to look out for, recipes and loads of inspiration. Best of all, so much of what they feature is ACCESSIBLE.

September's issue features 5 small spaces, all with different aesthetics and square footage. Proof that with proper planning, any size space can look great AND function well. The cover space is my personal favorite (and even features the same Jens Risom chair in our living room.)

So, here's to you, Canadian House & Home (although here in the US, they drop the Canadian from the title.) You have made this designaholic one VERY happy camper.