pre-fabulous // form & forest cabins


A little known secret about myself: I would love to give up city life, buy a plot of land somewhere, put up a lovely prefab cabin and spend my days enjoying the wilderness.

Form & Forest respects that dream by making some of the best prefab housing I have seen on the market. It's designs are clean, simple and modest, which seems to be the trend these days (apparently, bigger does not equal better.)

My personal favorite is the "Trapper" which offers 738 square feet of open spaced living. It reads:

"Just like the trapper cabins of yore, the Trapper is the perfect place for catching things. Like catching some rest, or catching up on your reading or catching the sight of some deer in the woods. The Trapper cabin is the perfect base to do this from and unlike a traditional trapper's cabin, no woodland creature will be harmed in the process. With a massive courtyard style deck that can accomodate an optional firepit, the Trapper is a 1 bedroom pavillion of perfection."

And how! The best part is, Form & Forest includes everything you need from layouts, building materials (windows and doors included!) and even some finishing touches. All for under $65K.