2010 // two thousand and turquoise

Well, now that the future is here, there might as well be a color to match, no? Last month, Pantone named Turquoise THE color of 2010.

And to be honest, I couldn't be happier. It's calming, it's happy, it's FRESH. Another great quality about the color? It works in any quantity, whether floor to ceiling, wall to wall or even a few accent pieces scattered about. I also love that it would look great with the smudge gray/black walls that I am currently coveting.

Here are a few peeks at rooms that execute the trend brilliantly.

photo 1 // Wow. Soft turquoise walls accented with simple blue (cornflower?) and metal wire chairs is already a great combination. Add the warmth of a great wood table and minimal organic artwork and the room comes together with a Zen-like quality.

photo 2 // I'm always talking about how a little bit of a good thing goes a long way, and this room shows that a few pops of color can brighten up an otherwise neutral space. The ottoman and pillow work well against the black and white backdrop.

photo 3 // Holy High Gloss! For maximum impact go with Turquoise AND a high sheen, as this room shows. I love the ecclectic mix of textures and styles. The modern sofa with the traditional chair upholstered in an ethnic inspired Ikat print. Also, love the use (again!) of a zebra rug to draw attention to the floor.